Pagal Banjaara’s Aviators

The banjaara’s childhood bff was in town for Holi so the two girls decided to bond over some lunch and window shopping.

We headed down to the local mall that humid, sunny Holi afternoon, around 12:30ish, excited as ever to meet each other and chill together. Also she’d brought along two very interesting pieces of gossip to share, which made for great background scores while we browsed through floral summery outfits and a melange of perfumes.

Aisles of flowy linen tops in oranges, peaches and light greens blended into racks of comfy-looking cotton lounge pants in beiges, creams and khakis, while her story grew juicier with every step we took (It was a delicious account of a late night whatsapp chat she’d had with her long-time secret crush, the night before).

Just when we were beginning to feel like nothing could distract us, our excited eyes fell on the L’Oreal and Chambor counters on the other side of the floor, right next to each other. The banjaara ended up buying a 12-hour long-lasting, smudge proof, water proof black eyeliner, and also inquired with much concern if Chambor No. 268  was going to be recalled anytime soon. The banjaara lovvveeees that shade and cosmetics brands have earned a reputation for invariably recalling the shades that customers end up loving most.

With reassurance as to the continued production of her favourite shade of lipstick, and a generous flow of gossip from her bff, the banjaara moved to the much coveted ‘bags and shoes’ section, where  a chic leather Lavie purse in an almost denim-y blue shade awaited her and lured her into an impulse purchase (while the banjaara prides herself on spontaneity, she’s usually quite the opposite of an impulse shopper). So this was a pleasant surprise to her bff (and herself).

Now a pressing item on our to-do list was to buy a pair of sunglasses each. We both wanted aviators at first, but then my bff went for a square-ish design (which did in fact complement her face beautifully). The square design was quite good on the banjaara, too, and this of course gave rise to a good deal of confusion between good ol’ aviators and the new found square rims. Thanks to the sexy pair the salesman eventually flashed before her, (and some help from her bff), the banjaara ended up with dark aviators from Opium and a satisfied smile.


It is believed that the festival of Holi brings in the summer. What better way to welcome the summer than with a brand new bag and a dashing pair of glares!


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