The Pagal Banjaara literally means The Mad Gypsy, or The Crazy Wanderer. This blog is an expression of my exploration of the world within me and of the world outside. It is a projection of the whimsical, footloose and fancy-free wanderer within me, and so, fittingly, the posts inside do not deal with anything in particular. Please feel free to browse through my explorations, and if my writings end up inspiring you or making your inner banjaara smile, then that’s so much the better.

The Pagal Banjaara is an emotion. the banjaara

It is an instinct, it draws you into the depths of your own mind; so deep that you escape yourself and surpass all boundaries – visible, invisible, and imagined. The Pagal Banjaara is universal, residing in every one of us, in different degrees, sometimes active, sometimes dormant. Born of our boredom, it urges us to transcend our limitations and boundaries and makes our bodies project its restless character.

The posts here are reflections of the Pagal Banjaara in me; the wanderer, the thinker, the mystic, and the non-conformist that caters to my various moods, whims and fancies.

My writing will explore and reflect various facets of the footloose and fancy-free wanderer in me; the thinker, the author, the patriot, the reader, the music-lover, the researcher, the scientist, the fashionista, the poet, the artist, the pagan, the barefoot walker, and more often than you’d expect – the cheery chef.

For my fellow wanderers who may chance upon this blog, I hope it serves as an escape from the day’s trials, tribulations and questions, and as inspiration to get in touch with your own Pagal Banjaara.


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